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Wild Mushrooms

Meat and fish


Tori Kara-age – Deep fried boneless chicken thigh pieces. €5 (g)

Kakuni - Pork belly bites, twice cooked (slow braised / pan roasted), marinated in soy and ginger. €5

Ika Kara-age -deep fried squid with sweet chilli, lime and spring onion. €5 (g) 

Tsukune - Japanese style chicken meatballs with teriyaki glaze and miso butter potato puree.  €5 (s)

Teba-saki- Hot and spicy chicken wings. €5  (g)

Sushi skagen’ -  Poached prawns with sushi rice, yuzu mayo , wasabi, seaweed and fish roe. €6

Bulgogi fries – Korean BBQ style tender beef slices with French fries €6.50. (s)  +€1 Sweet potato fries.




Edamame – boiled and salted soybean pods €4

Kimchee slaw - Korean style hot and spicy slaw €4

Spinach and bean sprout salad with soy dressing and toasted sesame seeds €3.50

Hiya-yakko — Chilled silken tofu , with ponzu sauce, grated fresh ginger and spring onion €3

Nasu denkaku – grilled aubergine glazed with sweet and savoury miso €4

Suno-mono — Pickled cucumber and wakame seaweed salad €3.50

French fries €3.5            Sweet potato wedges €4

House salad – Fresh crisp greens, kimchee slaw, cucumber, edamame beans, sesame dressing. €3.50



Tamago Rice — Warm bowl of rice, accompanied with Onsen egg and soy sauce.  

The perfect side dish to any Izakaya menu choice.  €2.50

Roast garlic Onigiri - Roast garlic flavoured sushi rice, wrapped with nori seaweed. €3

Bowl of rice. €1.5

Katsu - Panko breaded and deep fried


Ton-katsu sando - Pork cutlet Katsu style, served in a toasted brioche burger bun with tonkatsu sauce (Japanese BBQ sauce) and kimchee side salad€8.5

Chicken breast burger served katsu style or grilled, in a toasted brioche burger bun, tonkatsu sauce and kimchee side salad €8.5



Matcha  ice – Ice cream sundae with two scoops of matcha ice cream,  chocolate sauce, whipped cream and wafers


Waffles with roasted seasonal fruit, star anise syrup and vanilla ice cream


Cali – Chocolate and rum mousse with espresso infused syrup and sponge biscuits


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